Ubago Tuna Ventresa in Sunflower Oil RO 1000, 1kg

Andalubox recommends the Tuna Ventresca in Ubago brand sunflower oil.

The ventresca is a piece with a triangular shape, which is located at the bottom of the fish, in the area near the head. Its name, ventresca, alludes to the part of the tuna where it is located, the area of the belly of the tuna, although other denominations are also used, such as ventrisca, ventrecha, mentresca, belly, ijar or ijada, all of them correct, and more or less frequent, depending on the geographical area in which we are.

The peculiar characteristics of the ventresca that give it its reputation for exquisiteness, are: its proportion of fat, which gives it a much more intense, fine and delicate flavor.

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